Dual Backlight System

EMI Shielding Windows

SunOptical Enhancement

Does Dopoint supply square displays for aircraft / simulator applications?

Yes, we do have the ability to provide a square display with a 1:1 ratio. The displays are available as cells and interface boards, or these can be outfitted with rugged high-brightness backlights. Please note these are specialized products and all of the backlights are customized for specific applications (no standard backlights). We can develop a backlight for your specific application, and can offer various optical filters to meet your specific needs.


Does Dopoint make custom displays?

Yes, Dopoint can offer custom displays in the form of a modified COTS display to meet a specific requirement. This typically includes a custom mechanical design that will change the outline of the COTS display assembly. These changes include a high-brightness or dual mode backlight unit designed for rugged applications. Also, Dopoint Displays has the ability to offer a fully customized cell and interface design to meet specific requirements.


Does Dopoint make high brightness LCDs by LED Backlight enhancement ?

 Yes, That is our 1st and traditional , active brightness enhancement with ground-breaking LED Backlight Technology since dopoint established in 2003 .  This new technology creates an amazingly brightness (2000 nits) LCD display without increased heat from higher wattage CCFL integration. LED backlight technology when coupled with a liquid crystal display (LCD) provides the best of both worlds a high brightness LCD monitor with low power consumption. When compared to the practice of adding higher wattage backlights to achieve a high brightness LCD (CCFL), LED backlight technology increases the reliability of the high bright monitor and extends the lifetime of the display system.



Touch Integration

It is Dopoint' Exclusive Transflective Technologies. This new technology promotes the LCD optical performances under all lighting conditions.

Sunview uses sunlight for unbeatable clarity and brightness without adding backlight.

SunView Enhancement

Sunlight Readable LCDs With Optical Bonding, SunView Transflective Enhancement , and Touch Full-Lamination Service !

The Touch have be totally bonding onto the front of LCD  by optical adhensive , no air gap no buble between them .

Reduce Reflection, Improved Clarity, Contrast, Ruggedness.

LCD Optical Bonding

Reduce Reflection, Improved Clarity, Contrast, Ruggedness.
Optical Bonding affixes a ARAG glass directly onto LCD and eliminates the air gap between, in order to reduce the reflectance to as low as 0.2%, and dramatically increase contrast ratio in a high ambient light environment.

Design Your Bespoke Product Solution-step by step


Passive brightness enhancement !

Improve contrast radio with speical surface treatment to

lower reflective index <=0.5% . Our Contrast Radio is

extrinsic contrast radio , normally extrinsic contrast have more than 10:1 , The LCDs is viewable under sunlight !

Dual Mode Backlighting System for Day or Night View !

A dual mode backlight is a term given to a display that has two separate backlight systems in one display module .

Speically designed for military, defence application !


80Db EMI Sheilding Effective

96"  Visibae Lightting Transmission

Anti-reflective ,Anti-glare Coating Treatment