Sunview Benefits:
The stronger the ambient light is, the brighter the LCD will appear.
As a result, the modified LCD is viewable under all lighting conditions including direct sunlight regardless the LCD"s original brightness.
Long life time
Not increasing lamps power Sunview assure long life time.
Reduced heating dissipation allow overall life time increase.
Environment friendly
No additional power required to achive outdoor visibility.
Reduced power consumption compared with hight brightness technology.

 sunview transflective lcd

Sunview Introduction:
The LCD demand has dramatically exploded thanks to its light weight, high picture quality, non bulky volume and fashionable design. Now LCD is not luxury any more but is regarded as one of basic necessities.

However due to the original characteristics of the panel, the usage has been limited to mostly indoor applications as a TV set or monitor. Display industries have been studying to find the way to get over this weak point. Even if there was a little progress they could not reach the complete solution in readability and moreover it is limited to small sizes up to 15" which can be applied to very limited places.

Furthermore, those sun readable units have additional backlights to increase brightness and this results in cost increase and extra power consumption.

Sunview is ambitious to provide quick responsive solutions.
This new technology promotes the LCD optical performances under all lighting conditions.
Sunview uses sunlight for unbeatable clarity and brightness without adding backlight. Moreover it can be applied to big sizes up to 57 inches.
Sunview is readable everywhere including outdoor environments without extra power consumption and excessive heat generation. The indoor viewing qualities are also enhanced. The modified unit fits right back into its original system with no need of any alteration and extra effort.

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Sunview Technology:
LCD TFT displays need a light source to show the image: liquid crystals, in contrast of phosphors, do not emit light.
Light source can be internal (transmissive) or external (reflective), from sun or artificial lights.
The most common LCD display type is transmissive because it is intended to be used indoor (inside houses and offices) where light is low.
Transmissive displays are not readable when there is a lot of light, like outdoor under the direct sun light.
For outdoor applications, transflective displays are optimal because they use all light source to increase the visibility and readability of the displays contents.
Sunview is a transflective display developed for critical light environments.
Dopoint has created Sunview by modifying original transmissive displays available on the market.
This lets Sunview be mechanically and electrically compatible with standard transmissive panels.
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