Dopoint Hi-Tech Ltd is estabished in 2003, invested by Jardine Matheson in HongKong .  


With many years of growth , Dopoint have became Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT-PCAP), Sunlight Readable LCDs Designer and Manufacturer with value-added LCD Enhancement integration .


Welcome to Dopoint Optical Laboratories !

Our Optical Laboratories is certificated class 1000 clean room for value-added lcd enhancement , such as lcd optical bonding, optical enhancement, touch lamination, optical film lamination, dual backlight system design, rugged lcds, lcd heater, EMI shielding assembly, NVIS filter , Anti-Reflective and Anti-Glare Treatment .

It is Dopoint' Exclusive Transflective Technologies. This new technology promotes the LCD optical performances under all lighting conditions.

Sunview uses sunlight for unbeatable clarity and brightness without adding backlight.

Touch Integration

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SunView Enhancement

Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT-PCAP) ,Sunlight Readable LCDs With Optical Bonding and Touch Full-Lamination Service !

PM-OLED Panel & AM-OLED Panel
Industrial LCDs & Rugged LCDs
Wide Temperature LCDs
Wide Viewing Angel LCDs
Very High Brigness LCDs
Projected Capacitive Touch
Optical Bonding & Touch Integration
Brightness & Display Enhancement

The Touch have be totally bonding onto the front of LCD  by optical adhensive , no air gap no buble between them .

Reduce Reflection, Improved Clarity, Contrast, Ruggedness.


Optical Bonding

In addition to our experience in designning projected capacitive touch (PCT-PCAP),sunlight readable LCDs with value-added lcd enhancement , Dopoint is also capable of providing our customers with Full Turnkey Assembly solutions such as Touch Lamination, Open Frame , POS , Rugged-LCDs, Industry or Military Monitor .
Dopoint works closely with clients at all stages of the development process to meet their requirements in the most cost-effective way.
We provide the technology and support required for both high and low volume productions.

Reduce Reflection, Improved Clarity, Contrast, Ruggedness.
Optical Bonding affixes a ARAG glass directly onto LCD and eliminates the air gap between, in order to reduce the reflectance to as low as 0.2%, and dramatically increase contrast ratio in a high ambient light environment.

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