Welcome to Dopoint Optical Laboratories !

Our Optical Laboratories is certificated class 1000 clean room for value-added lcd enhancement and integration, such as lcd optical bonding, optical enhancement, touch lamination, optical film lamination, dual backlight system design, rugged lcds, lcd heater, EMI shielding assembly, NVIS filter , Anti-Reflective and Anti-Glare Treatment .


* Industrial TFT-LCDs

* Super-Wide Viewing Angle (IPS-LCDs) 

* Super-Wide Temperature (-40° C to 85° C)

* Large contract Ratios by MiniLED BLU


* PCAP Touch with Multi-Touch Function 

* EMI Shielding Windows & Heater Windows

Choose your display size , standard or customized , selecting from key features that include high pixel , super-wide viewing angel , high brightness , large contract ratios , supe-wide temperatures , and long-term reliability .

Choose LCD Controller Board-interface
The Monitor /Display Manufacturing Service 
Choose Your LCD Panel
Resolution: Support to 8K ,4K , FHD 1920 X 1080 @ 120 Hz.
Panel Interface:  eDP, LVDS, TTL, RGB , V-By-One ect...

Signal Input: VGA.DVI.HDMI.DP. SD-SDI, HD-SDI ,3G-SDI ,CVBS, USB , Audio phone jack (Wafer)

We can provide you with the correct controller board for your LCD. Our main offering comes from the very well known, and high quality LCD controller board manufacturer in China .

Choose your interface between direct integration with your products and systems ,developing the control and monitoring applicaiton and interface directly to the display through USB , HDMI , DVI , DP , 3G-SDI , VGA or Ethernet ,or let us handel the control and monitoring layer . this includes real time processes and interface to your host processor through Ethernet (or others common interface) .

The Special Components requirement

A core Dopoint Speciality , we offer a wide number of options to create the most intuitive interface for you , including combining several different types in one hybrid solution .

* PCAP Touch with multi-touch function , and provides optical bonding or touch integration service  

* Tactile objects (rotary and linear)

* Transparent "Mechanial - touch" buttons 

* Electro-mechanical components (shaft encoders and swithches)

* Haptics

Touch Interaction Choice
The Single embedded computing board based either on ARM Cortex-A10 , or AMD-x86 delivering a ready-to-go , fully operation HMI solutions .
The Computing Board Option-interface

Design Your Bespoke Product Solution-step by step

DOPOINT Integration

* EMI shielding windows
* Heater windows 
* High brighness , sunlight readable ability
* Protective Glass 
* NVIS requested 

* Open Frame Monitor 

* Rugged Monitor

* Touch Monitor 

* High brightness Monitor

* Customized display

Software Service
For your rapid prototyping and fast time-to-market , Dopoint also can provides an integrated development software on  i.MX6 . Running on a virtual machine , it contains all softwares required to create bespoke graphics ,layouts, UI , User friends interface ,  and control solutions .

For development or product execution 
* Windows 
* Linux Operating