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 Dual backlight system

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A dual mode backlight is a term given to a display that has two separate backlight systems in one display module. Typically, there is a high-brightness LCD backlight system used to view the LCD in high ambient conditions also known as sun light readable. The second backlight system is used in dark environments when viewing the LCD in an environment that requires the light to be filtered in order to meet the lighting requirements of MIL-STD-3009. These backlights are operated independently of each other and are controlled by the user of the display device.


Using a color filter, this single light pipe backlighting system has two operational modes for day or night vision operation. The Dual Mode Backlighting System can illuminate a given display with lights of different spectrums and intensities. Output lights for both modes have the same angle. With the appropriate color filter placed between the CCFLs or LEDs and the light pipe, the Dual Model Backlighting System produces a spectrum of output light that is compatible with night vision goggles in the night vision mode.


Dopint’s NVIS dual mode TFT LCD’s are the ideal method for making virtually any TFT display compatible with NVIS, NVG, NVD, or any other night-vision apparatus.


Dopoint dual mode backlight technology provides the best NVIS radiance for all colors meeting or exceeding MIL-STD-3009 (MIL-L-85762A) for radiance and white chromaticity.


The LEDs used in the dual mode backlight system are selected for a specific chromaticity and filtered to meet the NVIS radiance (NR) properties. White, green, and red LEDs with certain spectral emission can be filtered that comply with various NVIS color coordinates and NVIS Radiance (NR) specifications described in MIL-STD-3009.Meeting both color and NVIS radiance limits is a challenge. Each application is unique and always involves constraints, such as space limitations or production methods that may require a specific approach in order meet compliance. Dopoint design development team can create a custom TFT LCD solution to meet your particular application needs.


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