Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT-PCAP) , Sunlight Readable LCDs With Optical Bonding and Touch Full-Lamination Service !

In addition to our experience in designning projected capacitive touch (PCT-PCAP), sunlight readable LCDs with value-added lcd enhancement , Dopoint is also capable of providing our customers with Full Turnkey Assembly solutions such as Touch Lamination, Open Frame , POS , Rugged-LCDs, Industry or Military Monitor .
Dopoint works closely with clients at all stages of the development process to meet their requirements in the most cost-effective way.
We provide the technology and support required for both high and low volume productions.

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  • PCT/PCAP (G+G)
  • Sunlight Readable-SunView
  • Sunlight Readable-SunOptical

Projected Capacitive Touch (G+G)

Projected capacitive touch screens (PCT-PCAP) are the type of touch that most are familiar with as they are  commonly used on Smartphones and tablet PCs. If you have a Smartphone, you know how comfortable  its light-touch operation is; such as flicking and zooming. We have such projected capacitive touch screens ready for industrial use for middle and large sizes. Projected capacitive touch screens are  trendy and popular not only due their operability but also the excellent durability, toughness, appearance and design.

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Projected Capacitive Touch (OGS)

Dopoint's line of Projected Capacitive Touch panels (PCT-PCAP) gives products a competitive  advantage with its clean look and true Multi-Touch interface. Featuring a glass construction, 
they provide maximum optical clarity, do not lose shape or deform over time and expand the  lifespan of a product due to its increased durability. Combining a variety of glass structures, 
from G+G (Glass Glass) to OGS (One Glass Solution), and G+F+F (Glass Film Film), Dopoint’s  Multi-Touch PCT-PCAP Touch panels provide a smooth surface that can withstand a wide range of temperatures.

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Very High Brighness LCDs (VHB-LCD)

Yes, That is our 1st and traditional , active brightness enhancement with ground-breaking LED Backlight Technology since dopoint established in 2003 .  This new technology creates an amazingly brightness (2000 nits) LCD display without increased heat from higher wattage CCFL integration. LED backlight technology when coupled with a liquid crystal display (LCD) provides the best of both worlds a high brightness LCD monitor with low power consumption. When compared to the practice of adding higher wattage backlights to achieve a high brightness LCD (CCFL), LED backlight technology increases the reliability of the high bright monitor and extends the lifetime of the display system.

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Sunlight Readable LCDs-SunView

It is Dopoint' Exclusive Transflective Technologies. This new technology promotes
the LCD optical performances under all lighting conditions. 
Sunview uses sunlight for unbeatable clarity and brightness without adding backlight.

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Sunlight Readable LCDs-SunOptical

Passive brightness enhancement !

Improve contrast radio with speical surface treatment to
lower reflective index <=0.5% . Our Contrast Radio is 
extrinsic contrast radio , normally extrinsic contrast have more than 10:1 , The LCDs is viewable under sunlight !

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Industrial LCDs with PCT/PCAP Touch

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