Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT-PCAP) , Sunlight Readable LCDs With Optical Bonding and Touch Full-Lamination Service !

PCAP Touch

  • ​PCAP Touch with multi-touch function , and provides optical bonding or touch integration service  
  • Tactile objects (rotary and linear)
  • Transparent "Mechanial - touch" buttons 
  • Electro-mechanical components (shaft encoders and swithches)
  • Haptics

Computing Board

  • Based on ARM Cortex-A10 
  • Based on AMD-x86

Speical Components

  • ​EMI shielding windows
  • Heater windows 
  • High brighness , sunlight readable ability
  • Protective Glass 
  • NVIS requested

LCD Controller Board & A/D Board

  • Resolution: Support to 8K ,4K , FHD 1920 X 1080 @ 120 Hz.
  • Panel Interface:  eDP, LVDS, TTL, RGB , V-By-One ect...
  • Signal Input: VGA.DVI.HDMI.DP. SD-SDI, HD-SDI ,3G-SDI ,CVBS, USB , Audio phone jack (Wafer)

Welcome Dopoint Optical Lab !

  • Optical Bonding: Reduce Reflection, Improved Clarity, Contrast, Ruggedness. Optical Bonding affixes a ARAG glass directly onto LCD and eliminates the air gap between, in order to reduce the reflectance to as low as 0.2%, and dramatically increase contrast ratio in a high ambient light environment.
  • Touch Intergration: The Touch have be totally bonding onto the front of LCD  by optical adhensive , no air gap no buble between them .Reduce Reflection, Improved Clarity, Contrast, Ruggedness.ection, Improved Clarity, Contrast, Ruggedness.


  • Industrial LCDs with Ultra Wide Temperature , Ultra Wide Viewing Angel​
  • Bar LCD, Resized LCD, and Stretched LCD with Speical Contrast Ratio 1:1 , 2:1, 5:2, 8:3, >3:1
  • Sunlight Readable LCDs With Transflective Mode and Ultra High Brightness LED BLU
  • PM-OLED with MONO and Color 
  • Dopoint LCDs with Mini-LED BLU Technology

Monitor/Display Manufacturing 

  • ​Open Frame Monitor 
  • Rugged Monitor
  • Touch Monitor 
  • High brightness Monitor
  • Customized display

Dopoint LCD Integration :  

Design Your Bespoke Product Solution-step by step